About Eclair

Innovating Since Eclair 1907Founded in 1907 in the early days of cinema, Eclair is a historic, innovative and respected company in the motion picture and television industries.

Our creative and distribution services across Europe and North America are available to producers, content owners, sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, broadcasters and OTT channels. Our unrivaled teams of creative talents and experts are dedicated to your content - Feature Films, Classic & Heritage Content, Trailers & Advertising, Live Event Cinema, Documentaries or Short Films -, from the outset through each creative step of the cinema and audiovisual process. We have developed a glocal approach with your satisfaction at the heart of our process. This is made possible through our fifteen unique offices located in eight countries across Europe and North America, each benefiting from a powerful infrastructure and the latest technologies.

Headquartered in Paris-Vanves (France), Eclair has creative and distribution offices in the following cities: London, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Liège, Vicenza, Augy-Auxerre, Malakoff, Strasbourg and Rabat. Eclair is made up of six divisions: Post-Production, Restoration, Versioning & Accessibility, Digital Distribution, Preservation and Theatrical Delivery. Part of Ymagis Group, a European company at the forefront of digital services for the cinema industry, Eclair is your trusted partner for all local and global entertainment needs.

If you require information or assistance, please contact Eclair's sales team or technical support.

Eclair is headed by seasoned executives:

Eclair is part of Ymagis Group, the European leader in advanced digital technology for the cinema industry. Eclair is Ymagis Group’s content services arm alongside CinemaNext, dedicated to cinema exhibitor services. Ymagis Group is a publicly-traded company listed on the Euronext stock market.

EclairMain Office: 70 rue Jean Bleuzen, 92170 Vanves, France

Eclair is a registered trademark of YMAGIS SA.