Eclair, a history of innovation

Eclair Digital Services is specialized in digital distribution services and can handle all of your digital content needs.

Verification and quality control, image and sound conformation, digital mastering, VOD and SVOD packaging, Blu-ray and DVD authoring in HD and UHD, broadcast file transcoding, tape encoding, and international file servicing are the core of our business.


Film Studios in Epinay-sur-Seine

Purchase of the property in Epinay-sur-Seine, an ideal filming location. Within 5 years, Eclair becomes France’s third largest film producer, just behind illustrious film pioneers Pathé and Gaumont.



Automation of the Eclair film laboratory and mechanization of the film coloring process.


The “Caméréclair” or “Éclair Camera”

Debut and commercialization of the famous “Caméréclair” camera. A third filming studio is built in Epinay.


The End of an Era

The last fiction films are produced by Eclair, with the exception of Charles Jourjon’s weekly “Eclair Journal.”


Color Films

First color films processed (Agfacolor – 1932 and Eastmancolor 1950) thanks to engineer Jean Thérus, who took the helm at Eclair.

The Late 1950s

the New Wave

Birth of the French New Wave.  The films of Claude Chabrol, François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard can be shot outside the confines of a studio, thanks to lightweight Eclair shoulder cameras and hypersensitive film that does not require the controlled lighting of a studio.

The 1970s


With the evolution of television, Eclair creates its Broadcast Video branch to meet the growing needs of new television networks.

The 1980s

Video Cassettes

A decade later, faced with an exploding video market, Eclair launches a videocassette duplication (VHS) department, and becomes a video publisher.



Eclair joins forces with video and post-production laboratories Teletota and Telcipro to form the new Tectis Group.

The 1990s


Continuing its policy of supporting young producers and directors, Eclair is the leading laboratory for “series” prints in France. Post-production and video production continue to grow at Teletota due to ever-increasing market demand.

The 2000s


Eclair now has a complete post-production chain and takes over Teletota’s restoration work. In 2013, Eclair and Teletota become Eclair Group. This period also sees the first dematerialized deliveries for VOD (Video on demand) platforms.



Eclair becomes part of the Ymagis Group. All activities in Epinay-sur-Seine are relocated to the company’s premises in Vanves, just south of Paris.

January 2020

Eclair digital services

Creation of Eclair Digital Services, specializing in digital distribution.