Micro Salon AFC

afs salon 2018 eclair cinema
Friday, February 9, 2018 to Saturday, February 10, 2018
Paris, France

Meet our team on the Eclair stand at the 2018 Micro Salon AFC (La Femis, Paris) and learn about our latest products and technologies. 

The Eclair team - Pascal Mogavero, Anne Feret, Cedric Lejeune, Thierry Beaumel, Olivier Chiavassa, Alexis Roposte and Arnaud Denoual - will all be present at the AFC Micro Salon in La Fémis.

Come and discover Eclair's HDR offer, from filming to screening and broadcasting, at the Eclair booth (Level +2, Renoir foyer) be sure to see our presentation "Looks : Des essais à l'étalonnage final" at 12:30 pm Friday February 9 and 13:30 Saturday February 10 in the Jean Renoir room.