Ymagis Group Announces Upcoming EclairColor Film Line-up and Completion of 14 Cinema Installs in France

Ymagis Group Announces Upcoming EclairColor Film Line-up and Completion of 14 Cinema Installs in France
Press Release

Paris (France), 07 December 2016/ Ymagis Group (ISIN:FR0011471291, TICKER:MAGIS, PEA-PME eligible), the European specialist in digital technologies for the cinema industry, today announced its upcoming line-up of feature films available in EclairColor and the equipping of 14 EclairColor auditoriums in 11 cinemas in France. Following “Aquarius," "Brice 3," "Iris" and "Voyage au Groenland,” the following films are scheduled to be released in EclairColor in the first half of 2017: Olivier Assayas’ "Personal Shopper" (Les Films du Losange/CG Cinéma/), "Dalida" by Liza Azuelos (Pathé Films/Pathé Distribution), Serge Hazavanicius’ "Tout là-haut" (Rouge International/UGC Distribution), "Très intime conviction" by Claude Lelouch (Les Films 13) and "Message from the King" by Fabrice Du Welz (Entertainment One/The Jokers).

“We are delighted with the response the EclairColor process has received from industry professionals,” said Ymagis Group CEO & Chairman Jean Mizrahi. “EclairColor technology has already won over the production teams at Pathé Films, Gaumont, Mandarin Production, JD Prod, Les Films du Losange, Les Films 13 and Rouge International thanks to an image quality that more accurately reflects the artistic choices made during filming.”

“After the Gaumont Champs-Elysées and the Saint Germain, in just a few weeks we have succeeded in extending our network of EclairColor cinemas, a new image format which revolutionises the visual quality of film projection,” explains Maxime Rigaud, CinemaNext France Director. “Our technology provides a better image, more powerful quality that is obvious to all, with richer colours, greater contrast, heightened details and thus more intense emotions for the audience. We are putting the standard of tomorrow within the reach of the cinemas of today.”

EclairColor is a new digital colour technology that combines a new postproduction process developed by Eclair with the optimisation of select projection system technologies already available from CinemaNext. This revolutionary procedure is able to achieve image projection of unprecedented quality. EclairColor technology is economical and accessible to all types of exhibitors with equipment that can both project EclairColor mastered content as well as standard content.

EclairColor™ is a registered trademark of Ymagis Group.



Personal Shopper

CG Cinéma, Les Films du Losange

Director: Olivier Assayas

Release date (France): 14 December 2016


Pathé Films, Pathé Distribution

Director: Liza Azuelos

Release date (France): 11 January 2017

Tout là-haut

Rouge International, UGC Distribution

Director: Serge Hazavanicius

Release date (France): 15 March 2017

Très intime conviction

Les Films 13

Director: Claude Lelouch

Message from the King

Entertainment One/The Jokers

Director: Fabrice Du Welz



- Gaumont Champs-Elysées (1 screen), Paris

- Le Saint Germain (1 screen), Paris

- Studio 28 (1 screen), Paris

- Filmothèque du Quartier Latin (2 screens), Paris

- Cinéma Espace Saint Michel (2 screens), Paris

- Cinéma André Malraux (1 screen), Le Bourget

- Le Métropole (1 screen), Lille

- Cinéma Sirius (2 screens), Le Havre

- Cinéma Confluences (1 screen), Varennes-sur-Seine

- Espace Culturel de Vendenheim (1 screen), Strasbourg

- Cin’évasion Grand Forum (1 screen), Gaillon

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