Digital lab

Eclair Digital Services offers image and sound conformation services for mastering and distribution in SD, HD and 4K UHD, in all formats, rates, and codecs.
We propose solutions for both physical and dematerialized media, including conversion to any format, codec, frame rate or ratio to meet the specifications of local and international distributors, TV channels, closed networks, streaming platforms, etc.
Our In & Out Department will ensure your orders are delivered.

Our installations are regularly maintained and we receive guaranteed updates for our software and tools (Colorfront, Telestream, Black Magic, Adobe…).
Our sound engineers use Protools for conforming or synchronising audio versions, encoding and transcoding, and normalizing audio signals. They also carry out spatialization, mixing and sound restoration.


Quality check (QC)

Quality control ensures that your film meets the specifications and requirements of broadcasters, distributors and agents around the world...


A dedicated VOD & SVOD team oversees package creation to meet the specs of each platform.

DVD / Blu-ray / Blu-ray UHD4K

We provide dedicated project managers, an experienced authoring team, and a pool of freelance graphic designers with a wide palette of styles.

MAM & Digital Platforms

Our media asset management (MAM) system enables us to offer personalized management of files directly by rights holders, access to stock held by Eclair Preservation, automated transcoding workflows and expedited file delivery.