EclairSend is the best way to manage, transcode and deliver all your content in just a few clicks.

Upload files from anywhere.
Send files to anyone with all the benefits of ECLAIR technologies.

Convert your video files into a large and increasing range of formats such as ProRes, MXF, MP4, etc.
Files management has never been so easy.

Create your personal library to securely keep your files online.


EclairSend in details:

  • FILE UPLOAD: browse your computer to upload any file or folder (e.g., a DCP). You can also use our smart ‘’ASK’’ button to invite a third-party to drag & drop any file to your ‘’DESK’’. We have made it simple for all.
  • FILE TRANSFER: deliver your files in a few clicks through a third-party download link invitation. Receive automated transfer and download notifications for full control.
  • VIDEO FILE CONVERSION: transform your source file into a ready-to-use file using professional codecs (ProRes, XDCam, H264, etc.). Explore multiple capabilities such as audio track selection, and generate TCI.
  • LIBRARY: add, delete, manage all your files online from any device with unlimited storage space. Organize your assets by project or specs.
  • SECURITY: in EclairSend, all communications and transfers are SSL encrypted, user authentication is based on worldwide standards and the service is highly available and scalable. The ingest process is seamless with no additional plugins necessary, just your browser. The content to upload is split into chunks and sent from your computer to the platform. For pull room and deposit room, a link with a unique token is generated for each end user.
  • TRANSPARENCY: free upload, pay per action, full control of expenses. The cost model is entirely transparent.


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Press Release

Paris (France), London (United Kingdom) – 26 February 2019/ Eclair, a leader in content services for the motion picture and television industries (Ymagis Group – ISIN: FR0011471291, MAGIS, PEA-PME, TECH 40), today announced the launch of EclairSend, its new, pay-as-you-go online large file transfer...