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What is one of the most important challenges in theatrical delivery today?

With the development of innovative image (IMAX®, DolbyVision™, EclairColor, ScreenX) and sound technologies (DTS:X™, Dolby Atmos®, Auro3D®), the number of formats has multiplied to offer even richer & more intense audience experiences. With each new development comes opportunities but also greater complexity.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, producers and distributors must manage content with much larger file sizes. As a result, delivery of this content, whether via satellite, broadband Internet or physical hard drive, has become more complex and more expensive. Multiplexes offering several different technologies must also juggle between different formats and files.

It is in answer to all those issues that Eclair has developed its HTM technology: one single DCP featuring several formats (SDR, EDR, HDR) with a total file size often inferior to that of a standard DCP. The benefits are manyfold – lower development costs, lower content delivery costs, simplified management – in a secure environment.

The patent-pending HTM solution offers a multi-display DCP (MD DCP - Multi-dynamic Digital Cinema Package) that comes with a special software, MD Map (Multi-dynamic Mapping), that is easily integrated in projection systems through regular updates, as well as current and future LED displays. MD DCPs are fully compatible with all types of projection systems and LED cinema screens.

By incorporating specific settings in the DCP, the same content can be played via a standard projection system in SDR format as well as in HDR, whether the equipment is an EclairColor HDR-certified projector or simply HDR-ready. HTM technology allows the system to read the same group of files by automatically selecting the correct version of the film that matches the projection systems’ or existing LED displays’ technical specifications.

Each version of the film gives filmmakers full artistic control over the content knowing that the HTM technology combines an automatic adaptation of the signal with the settings done by the color grader at the postproduction stage.
CPL = Composition Play List – OV = Original Version – VF = Version File

Download the White Paper

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